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MTV Hustle 2.0 Contestants List Name with Images | Top 16 Selected Rapper

MTV Hustle 2.0 Contestants List – Check MTV Hustle Contestants Name List with Images. Top 16 Rappers of MTV Hustle 2.0 Details.

You must be aware of MTV Hustle Live Show. Right?

Well MTV Hustle is back with a new season and is now popular with MTV Hustle 2.0. Badshah who is one of the popular rappers and singer is in the Judges’ panel in Hustle 2.0 and four of more biggest names are there in the Judges’ List.

EPR, King, Dino James, and Dee MC are there who are the mentors for the contestants. As the Audition Round was completed now and the Top 16 Contestants are selected for Hustle 2.0. The complete list of MTV Hustle 2.0 Contestants is mentioned below.

There are two female and 14 male contestants in Hustle 2.0. All the selected contestants will perform in the show and will be trained by the 4 mentors we mentioned above. Let’s check the MTV Hustle 2.0 Contestants list with images.

MTV Hustle 2.0 Contestants List with Photo

Show Name MTV Hustle 2.0
Total Contestant 16
Judges Badshah, EPR, King, Dino James, and Dee MC
Male Contestant 14
Female Contestant 2
Show Type Reality Show

Super Manikk - Team Dee MC

super manikk hustle contestant

Spectra - Team Dee MC

Paradox - Team King

MC Headshot - Team EPR

Aarya Jadhao (QK) - Team Dee MC

Wicked Sunny - Team Dino James

Nazz - Team EPR

MC Square - Team EPR

Gravity - Team Dino James

UK Rapi Boy - Team King

GD 47 - Team Dee MC

Panther - Team EPR

Khullar G - Team King

Lakshya parihar (LXSH) - Team Dino James

Srushti Tawade - Team Dino James

RHYME - Team King

MTV Hustle Contestant List Details

  1. Super Manikk
  2. Spectra
  3. Paradox
  4. MC Headshot
  5. Aarya Jadhao (QK)
  6. Wicket Sunny
  7. Nazz
  8. MC Square
  9. Gravity
  10. UK Rapi Boy
  11. GD 47
  12. Panther
  13. Khullar G
  14. Lakshya Parihar
  15. Srushti Tawade
  16. RHYME

This is the complete list of Hustle 2.0 contestants. Hope you would like it. Stay tuned with us.

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